A lil’ glitz, a splash of glam, and some razmataz!

Hey guys,

So, here we are in our new home at Word Press.  While this isn’t my first blog or my first legacy, this is my first time using Word Press.  (I find myself missing blogger already)  So why a legacy and why word press, for those that care?

LEGACY:  The sims 3 is supah fun and I have nothing better to play…besides Skyrim.  >_>  Also, I’m hoping a legacy will help me get my money’s worth out of TS3 because I don’t believe I’ve been getting that currently.

Word Press: Because it’s one of the largest growing blogging web sites and I need to become familiar with the interface since I wish to be a web designer.  While designing blogs isn’t quite the same…it’s what is in demand so here I am.


I want to thank all of you before hand for reading what I’m hoping will be a funny TS3 legacy.  If it isn’t well…at least you didn’t have to pay for it!  =P


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